Retail Rush


Hello shoppers.  I am your friendly neighborhood cashier.  The day after Christmas is like a day at the races.  Everyone’s moving a mile a minute except for me.  They’re all headed in my direction.  I like it busy, though.  It makes the time go by quickly and keeps my mind off of the stress of packing and the panic over leaving my husband behind when I leave on Tuesday.  It’s already here.  Wow.  I find myself hugging Ruby (my cat) a little tighter than usual.  Luckily she enjoys this, although I suspect she knows something’s up.  I’ve been letting her do that kneading thing all over my favorite blanket which I would usually be yelling at her for, but hey…I’m already having guilt that I’ll be gone so long so it’s cool.  I haven’t pulled out the big suitcase yet which may be panicking me more than anything else.

I’ve been making the rounds of telephone calls to friends and family so that in the case of any slim chance disaster situation I can have had those last memorable conversations.  More so it’s the fact that I won’t have the use of a phone for a month.  My mother and I have made a pact to speak everyday and though I know that sounds silly you’d have to know us to understand how crazy close we are.  It’s not exactly to Gilmore Girls level of joined-at-the-hip-edness but ironically similar.

Frankly, I’m also a little worried about Matthew.  I know he’s an adult and all, but when  I changed the sheets last night I had the eery feeling that they may not get changed again prior to my return.  These kinds of thoughts alarm me.  I have to put them out of my head before Matthew starts reading my thoughts and getting offended.  I know this isn’t likely, but if it happened it would be very unfortunate. (Oh, whoops.  I think he subscribed already.  Hi Puppy-face.)

I had plans to go to the movies, but those were cancelled by my husband who was a little worried about my level of stress and the length of my to-do list.  Hopefully tonight we’ll finish up my packing so we can enjoy our last day and a half together before my flight.

Adieu.  I mean Zaijian…(I think).


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