Happy New Year… and Welcome to Taipei!


We have….arrived.  It’s been a whirlwind.  I still haven’t fully processed the fact that I’m in Taipei, and 16 hours away from my life.  It feels a little like a dream, but that may be because of the insane time difference and lack of sleep I felt yesterday up until our big adventure.  Let me update you on my life in Taiwan.

We arrived at six in the morning Taipei time and though I barely slept on the plane it was go go go once we arrived.  We boarded a very fancy bus that was nearly too small for our ridiculous pile of luggage and set off for the Chinese Youth Center, Chien Tan.

The bus ride took us over a highway past many different areas.  Some places looked like third world countries with high rise buildings in horrible disrepair.  Other areas were full of industrial buildings with huge signs on them stating their company name and slogan.  As we got closer to town the lush trees and plants became more groomed and orderly.  Finally we arrived at Chien Tan.

The Youth Center is a huge brick complex that feels similar to a hotel.  There are several wings.  I am staying in a two person room with Carolyn on the eighth floor.  Carolyn is super sweet and it will be fun spending the month with her.  Our room has two single beds, a little desk and a tiny little cabinet that functions as a tiny closet.  We have Ethernet in our room which makes updating this blog easy enough.  The view outside out window is the fabulous Grand Hotel.  It’s amazing and huge, right outside out window.

I’ll have to take a picture of the actual view because it’s quite shocking.

We stowed our baggage and went on an excursion through the bus station en route to Taipei American School (TAS) where we will be spending most of our time.  We stopped at the bank (apparently they won’t convert $20 bills from 1996 because of a high level of counterfeit in that year) and found the first Starbucks where I bought a vanilla latte and a Taipei coffee cup (that was quick!).  From there we took a tour of the school.  It is beautiful and sprawling and we all agreed way cooler than any of our schools back home (more info on that to come).

After our tour we came back and got ready for New Years.  That’s a story for my next post.  Off to the shower and to the rest of my day.  More later.



One Response to “Happy New Year… and Welcome to Taipei!”

  1. 1 Sue

    Lindsay–We are really enjoying your comments and also the photos. Matt is keeping us up to date too. Glad you are over your cold. Sue n Scot

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