Beautiful Taipei


Palace Hotel, just up the hill from our home at Chien Tan Youth Center.

The beautiful courtyard at Taipei American School.

City streets...I finally found a Starbucks!

City streets; I finally found a Starbucks.

Double decker bike racks. So cool.

Taipei 101 from the ground, with the Tiffany Christmas tree.

More to come,

🙂 Lindsay


5 Responses to “Beautiful Taipei”

  1. Those pictures are so pretty! More!

  2. 4 Michele Dempsey

    Lindsay, this is awesome. I am so jealous! I always wanted to do this. Now I will have to wait until the kids grow up. I hope you really enjoy your time and are safe. I plan to follow along! Thanks… Michele (Just in case I was in Suzy’s wedding with you)

    • Of course I know you, Michelle! It’s nice to hear from you. Thanks for your comment, too! We’re having a great time and it’s hard to keep up with all of the great stuff we’re doing here. I’m going to do my best. I have a million great pictures and it’s only day 3. I hope you’re doing well and gearing up for a great spring in your classroom. Keep reading!
      🙂 Lindsay

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