The View from the Top


Yesterday we visited the amazing Taipei 101 building.  It is the tallest building in the world for just four more days before they finish building the new tallest building in Dubai.  It is 803 meters tall and the view is mind-boggling.  We purchased tickets for 400 NT and waited in a long winding line until riding the super fast elevator to the top.  It’s one of the fastest elevators in the world and it gets you to the top in less than 60 seconds, guaranteed.  The elevator is pressurized like the cabin of an airplane and once it gets going the lights dim and lights sprint around the ceiling in the pattern of constellations and comets.  There is a little map of the building that shows where the elevator car is as it moves up through the floors to the top.

It’s amazing.  The top deck is huge and you can pick up a free audio tour that corresponds with 15 numbered pillars throughout.  Each pillar shares the story of that part of town.  We took the stairs to an even higher floor to step onto the outdoor deck to see the city through bars in the open air.  Courtney and I posed for a pic with the city in the background.  Peter took the pic, and swears he was trying to get the city in the background (LOL…)

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