The Jade Market


Today I am feeling super sick.  My voice has been getting progressively worse since I got here and the frog in my throat is far away from leaving it.  I feel okay other than the sinus pressure, scratchy throat, booming cough (sorry Carolyn!) and sounding like a muppet.  I’m trying to not let it stop me from having a great time this first weekend in Taiwan.

Yesterday we went to the Jade Market where we found endless tables set with the most beautiful jewelry and handmade wares from around the region.  We had fun figuring out how to ask people how much things cost, how to say, “Too expensive!” and figuring out how to barter by calculator.  The vendors put down the price they would like and you counter (on the calculator) with the price that you would like to pay.

We had lots of fun walking around and figuring out what to purchase.  There were so many tables it was impossible to see everything in the two hours we spent there, but we made a decent effort.  I ended up with a set of freshwater pearl earrings and a necklace, a gift for my in-laws and jade ring and a gift for my mother.  I looked for gifts for Matthew but nothing seemed quite cool enough.  The search continues.

Well, I’ve got to run.  It’s time to get ready for breakfast downstairs.  Today we have a free day and nothing planned.  If I have time later I will tell you about your exciting adventure to the McDonald’s.  Yes, I said McDonald’s.  I’ve learned my limits on handling large amounts of Asian cuisine in a 72 hour period.

🙂 Lindsay


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