Taipei American School…and some funny English.


These first three days at TAS have been a blur of art classes and brick hallways.  This school is truly a wonder.  I’ve never seen anything like it in the states, and I have a hard time believing  that many of the private schools in American are this diverse in curriculum and culture.

My host teacher Jennifer teaches Visual Art 1 for beginning art students and IB art for advanced students who are bound for elite art colleges in the US.  The school offers a wealth of class options ranging from ceramics, painting and drawing, and digital photography, as well as more collegiate offerings like AP art history and industrial design.  I was shocked by the sheer volume of courses available to these blossoming artists.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a tiny bit jealous of the amount of preparation seniors take with them to their colleges of choice.  And the amount of guidance they receive from everyone around them as they apply to the top universities.  The goal of most students is to find acceptance to America’s Ivy League schools.  As an American I find this somewhat flattering that they prize these schools above any others in the world.

Now for some funny found English…

That doesn't sound very appetizing...

Apparently you have to be rich to enjoy the new year.

You mean Chip?

Do you think girls enjoy this store?

Until next time…



5 Responses to “Taipei American School…and some funny English.”

  1. 1 Mom & Rick

    Hi Lindsay! You are doing a great job keeping us up to date and we appreciate it. TAS sounds interesting and amazing. My first thought when I read brick hallways and art students was, well GRAFFITI! Okay, sorry teacher, but a big “Lindsay Bradley Was Here” would be cool and may be worth a million dollars some day. Have fun and say hi to CHLP for us.

  2. 2 Mom & Rick

    Hi Lins- You are doing an awesome job keeping us up to date and we appreciate it. TAS sounds interesting and amazing. My first thought when I read brick hallways and art students was GRAFFITI! Sorry teacher, but wouldn’t “LINDSAY BRADLEY WAS HERE” in bright red be cool! Enjoy every moment. We love you, Mom & Rick

    • I love you guys! You are so silly, Ma. I am pretty sure I would get in trouble for something like that. lol…

      Talk to you soon!

  3. 4 Grifan

    Sounds like a great trip! I think that it is so great that your M Ed program encourages such travel.

    Re: Ivy’s. It is fascinating the near-obsession that my students (typically from South Korea, Vietnam, or China) had with obtaining admittance to an Ivy. Many lived with extended families or by themselves in order to attend Newport HS (where I taught). The belief was that by taking a full-load of AP’s at Newport they would gain admission to the Ivy’s…it was difficult to see these children place so much of what defined them in admission to a handful of schools. The physical illness, stress, and defeat…the resulting increase in cheating in order to get the grades to get in was all pretty shocking to my Suburban-raised, UW Alum self.

    It would be a good bottle of wine conversation! I would love to catch up and hear about all of your student teaching adventures when you are in Seattle next…lord knows I have a few stories!

    Enjoy every moment of your travels!

    XOXO + AOE, Grif

    • That is so crazy! The Ivy track is so competetive…students and parents go nuts!
      I hope law school is going well. I would love to hear about it and more about your teaching experiences sometime soon! Must plan a trip to Seattle soon.

      xo & aoe,

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