In which I get my ART on…


Hello friends!  I had a delightful Sunday spent in wandering through the halls of an old elementary school that has been repurposed to be the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei or MOCAT for short.  The museum is fascinating and the art is out there but totally right up my alley.  Many of the pieces had me staring in silence for long periods of time and the huge art film exhibit had me sitting on pillows in front of flat screens, on stools in front of head-enveloping video monitor shells, and sitting on the steps in a stairwell staring up at huge video projections on the walls.  In other words, I was completely thrilled.  I wanted to share with you some of the amazing stuff there.  I took a million photos (really…!) and thank heaven I did because I have already been sharing the art with students in the art department as they work on their research and continue to develop their own budding ideas.

Here are some of the best…

Me standing in front of the balloon animal sculpture in front of the museum. A very nice Chinese man offered to take my picture and I happily accepted. The people here are seriously the nicest in the world.

This artist's work was fascinating. Lelya Borisenko, a Russian painter, uses visual trickery and pop culture images inticing you to consider the message behind her work.

This is one of a series of three sculptures with similar forms. They are made of bronze and painted in high gloss. This picture does not accurately portray how huge they were.

This series of sculptures depicted seven fetuses enclosed in acrylic boxes. Each was elaborately dressed in familiar costumes: Superman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Bat Man, Spiderman and The Hulk. One was conspicuously nude except for a thick head of black hair and a tiny mustache. It was a likeness of an infant Hitler.

Just in case you don't believe me....a closeup of infant Hitler.

Overall it was a fantastic museum.  I wish I could share some of the amazing films with you.  Much of my time was spent wandering through the maze of art films and animations which ranged from the hilarious to the shocking.  I would highly recommend you visit MOCAT if you are even in Taipei for a fun and inspiring afternoon.




4 Responses to “In which I get my ART on…”

  1. 1 Nate

    I like Art. I want to see more pics! Have fun.

  2. 3 Mom

    More amazing things to see. Thank you for sharing the unique-ness of it all. Want to see more! Love you!! Mom

  3. 4 Derrick

    Are those balloon animals doing what I think they are doing?

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