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It’s officially halfway through our last week and I’m feeling the super pressure to see anything and everything.  I had the most amazing night with Jennifer (my mentor) and her husband Geoffrey the night before last and barely slept after the whirlwind that was Monday. After school we met up with the group at 3:30 […]

Taipei Eye


The other day we went to a cultural event at a place called Taipei Eye.  It is a performing arts center dedicated to preserving and sharing the traditional Chinese performing arts, since in many places this has gone out of style in favor of more modern expressions of culture.  Here is a short video of […]

These first three days at TAS have been a blur of art classes and brick hallways.  This school is truly a wonder.  I’ve never seen anything like it in the states, and I have a hard time believing  that many of the private schools in American are this diverse in curriculum and culture. My host […]

The Jade Market


Today I am feeling super sick.  My voice has been getting progressively worse since I got here and the frog in my throat is far away from leaving it.  I feel okay other than the sinus pressure, scratchy throat, booming cough (sorry Carolyn!) and sounding like a muppet.  I’m trying to not let it stop […]

Yesterday we visited the amazing Taipei 101 building.  It is the tallest building in the world for just four more days before they finish building the new tallest building in Dubai.  It is 803 meters tall and the view is mind-boggling.  We purchased tickets for 400 NT and waited in a long winding line until […]

More to come, 🙂 Lindsay

We have….arrived.  It’s been a whirlwind.  I still haven’t fully processed the fact that I’m in Taipei, and 16 hours away from my life.  It feels a little like a dream, but that may be because of the insane time difference and lack of sleep I felt yesterday up until our big adventure.  Let me […]